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Kim Becker - A Strong Voice for Women and Families

Fight for Women

Women and families need safe communities and supportive environments in which to thrive. As your representative in Hartford, Kim will fight for policies that support them, such as: further protections for survivors of domestic abuse; improvement of access to, and quality of, mental health services for all; and incentives for women-owned businesses to help our communities grow.

Improve Healthcare

As Kim knocks on doors throughout our district, she is finding that many women she speaks with are terrified of losing their healthcare rights, including access to contraception and abortion. Sadly, these fears are not unfounded. States are limiting – or outright restricting – access to medical care. As a result, doctors are being forced to make difficult, if not impossible decisions, on how to treat their patients. Unless the right of access to medical care is protected, women may be forced to carry nonviable fetuses, even if it puts their lives at risk. How close to death’s door does a woman have to be before she is permitted access to abortion?

Women’s health is not prioritized in either medical practice or research, but Kim wants to help change that. While Connecticut has made an effort to improve maternal health outcomes, we can and should do better. The health and well being of mothers, especially women of color and women in poverty, need to be prioritized – with improved access to full maternal care, both prenatal and postnatal. Improved health and well-being for mothers is improved health and well-being for babies and families.

We need a representative who is committed to maintaining quality reproductive care and contraception access, protecting abortion access and safety, and ensuring Connecticut remains a leader in the fight for privacy and the right to choose. Kim shares these values and priorities and will work on behalf of us all to do just that.

Support Family Care

As a member of the “sandwich generation” herself, Kim knows that women are often the primary caregivers of their families and aging parents simultaneously. She knows the unique struggles this care

presents. That’s why she’s committed to:

  • Lowering the cost of childcare and early education programs.

  • Working to make the child tax credit permanent.

  • Advocating for funding of supportive senior programs both in facilities and home care.

  • Developing transportation accommodations to help alleviate unnecessary strain on families.

When elected, Kim will work to promote policies that will serve all members of your family. For more information about Kim’s platform, visit Kim Becker for Connecticut, feel free to contact us directly, or watch this space for continued updates that will help you know why you should vote for Kim on November 8.

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